SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 – Reconnecting with CJS – Online Event

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Coping with Current Events:  a CJS conversation

Thank you all for joining us for our first virtual event! If you missed it, you can watch it at:

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For 10 years, CJS has kicked off a new season on the second Saturday in September and will we will this year as well.  With the experiences of the last six months in our hearts and minds, and no end to the uncertainty in sight, a conversation about the current zeitgeist seems appropriate.

We’re encouraged by evolution of CJS and the enthusiasm of this community.  We’ve missed the camaraderie of slowing down together to consider the richness of Jung’s contributions.  So, while we will make some very brief beginnings on some very large topics, we’re counting on you to expand the discussion with your responses and sharing via the chat box!








The program is in three parts:
Jennifer Santoro will start us off with thoughts on personality typology and how awareness of our type can help us navigate effectively and replenish our energy.  Preston Saks will share his view of COVID-19 through a Jungian lens, informed also by his personal experience with the virus.  Betsy Grund will share ideas about the relevance of Jung’s work in revealing and healing the trauma around individual and collective racism.

Questions or information:

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100% of the proceeds go towards future Carl Jung inspired programs offered in the Charleston community.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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