OCTOBER 12, 2019- S. David Stoney, Ph.D. – In these Last Days: Apocalypse vs. Wholeness

In these Last Days: Apocalypse
vs. Wholeness

A Unique Era of Psychology and Climate

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Saturday, October 12 •  5:00 ~ 6:45 pm
Location: Gage Hall – 4 Archdale St, Charleston, SC 29401

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Dr. Stoney’s presentation for the Charleston Jung Society is titled “In these Last Days: Apocalypse vs. Wholeness.” He describes how the era we are living in is particularly unique both in regard to the earth’s climate  and for us psychologically. Our species was born and our brain size progressively increased since the earth’s climate began cycling through long, dry, cold glacial phases and short, wet, warm phases 2.6 million years ago. Today we are near the end of the latest warm phase. The repetitive boom-bust cycles of existence that our early ancestors experienced left a neuropsychic scar deep in the collective unconscious that today manifests as a powerful archetype. Dr. Stoney describes his own encounter with this archetype and how it is mistakenly considered to be an Archetype of Apocalypse that foretells an imminent, Divinely orchestrated judgement, destruction, and rebirth for humanity. He concludes that, instead, the archetype is one recognized by Jung as one of Awakening and Wholeness. That archetype calls for further individuation as well as for transformation of our collective consciousness here in these last days of this warm phase of earth’s climate cycle and what can be considered the adolescence of our species.

S. David Stoney, Ph.D., a Charleston native, received his undergraduate degree in Psychology
from the University of South Carolina in 1962 and his doctorate in Physiology from Tulane University in 1966. He did research in and taught Neuroscience at the Medical College of Georgia (now Augusta University) where he was course Director for the Freshman medical student Neuroscience course for over 30 years. His research interests included intra- and extracellular recording from single nerve cells, organization of the somatic motor system, and filtering action of axon branch points. He is the author of many of the chapters on nervous system function in the first electronic textbook of physiology, Essentials of Physiology.
Late in his career he became interested in the neural bases and evolution of conscious and presented at several meetings before retiring to McClellanville in 2002. In 2007, he and a group of interested friends in
McClellanville formed the Kitchen Table Climate Study Group. “Our goal,” he says, “was to inform
and to raise consciousness about climate change, especially global warming, and its
consequences for the Lowcountry of South Carolina.” In 2013 he stepped down from that group
and returned to his main interest: how the earth’s cycling climate could have influenced the
evolution of human consciousness. Dr. Stoney has had a longstanding interest in Jungian
psychology and it slowly dawned on him that our species birth during the earth’s climate cycling
had not only influenced our development as a species — especially our brain growth — but had
also left a neuropsychic trace in the collective unconscious that today manifests as a powerful

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