Mid-Summer Message: Celebrating Jung’s Birthday

Dear CJS Friends,

We hope you’re enjoying whatever parts of summer you look forward to during the rest of the year 🙂  The CJS Board enjoyed a break and then came together for a retreat last week.  Carl Jung’s birthday seemed the perfect time to be in touch with you about our new season ~ it represents our effort to help others ‘move on’ in ways that serve us all, with bigger perspectives, hope and healing.  In keeping with new-ness, we are delighted to welcome two new Board members, Natalia Hardee and Matt Whipple.  Both are enthusiastic, reliable volunteers who want to share more with CJS.  We now have a Board of seven members!

As you might guess, a major theme of our retreat was gratitude for so many and so much.

We talked appreciatively of our founding members and former Board leaders, keeping our institutional history alive. Linda Scott, is a founding member, now serving her 2nd term. Linda has always been a leader in developing CJS programs ~ both bringing ideas and making them a reality! Thankfully, she will continue on the Board as Program Chair, as I take a turn as President.  We also want to thank Nancy Seinknecht, who rotated off the Board this year, for her tireless work with CJS programs and Board development over the last few years.

We also reviewed last season’s work; what stands out is the energy and excitement generated by our excellent presenters and audiences. I mention them together because, of course, we can’t have one without the other and we are doubly blessed! It is the dynamic between the two and the frequent synchronicities, which keep our passions stoked! Indeed, the passion and generosity of this community have left us in a sound financial position to welcome all comers to our 2018-19 season.

We’re also stoked about making our work easily available to more people. Larry Monteith has steadily improved our A/V quality on Saturdays, and on Youtube!  His expertise and effort are invaluable to CJS. If you haven’t, please, visit the CJS Youtube channel for programs to watch and share. These programs have layers of messages and Youtube expands our reach. Diana Deaver (read: “Diva”) is making our presence known on social media ever more effectively and deeply ~ we are grateful for her skill and attention to bringing Jungian concepts to anyone interested and looking for them.

Finally, we have a feast of programs coming up ~ the Board is grateful for the willingness of each of our presenters to offer their work to this community. As a group, they bring a diversity of fresh, relevant topics and each promises to illuminate C.G. Jung’s work in unique and enriching ways. We’ll kick it off on September 8 ~ Do be an Early-Bird: grab a Season Pass and mark your calendar!

As always, please share your thoughts with us. Thanks to our Treasurer, Chris Cunniffe, CJS is now a 501c(3) nonprofit community organization! We encourage your participation in whatever ways serve you.

On behalf of the Board, thank you for your interest in CJS!

Betsy Grund

Board President

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