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Sep 232010

On Saturday October 9, 2010 the Charleston Jung Society is hosting a presentation by Sharon Martin, RN, FNP, CNS, PhD eq entitled ‘The Dark Night.’ This will be held in Gage Hall, 4 Archdale Street, Charleston next to the Unitarian Church.

Sharon gives us an insight into her presentation:  “Jung felt that our greatest problem is the enormous chasm between the conscious and the unconscious mind, and that in human beings there is an urge to bridge this division and become more whole.  In view of this, symptoms and neuroses are messages from the soul, and indicate an urge to reach a higher level of consciousness. We naturally resist painful symptoms and often get caught in a compulsive need to alleviate suffering.  If this is taken too far we may miss insight and meaning that can only be found in the darker aspects of life. In this presentation we will explore symptoms such as depression from an alchemical and mythological perspective and examine their corrective, healing powers.”

Dr Martin is a Jungian Analyst and founding member of the Society.  For more information on Sharon go to Analysts.

The presentation will be held October 9, 2010, from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM at Gage Hall, 4 Archdale Street, next to the Unitarian Church in Charleston. The cost is $10 for CJS members, $20 for non-members, and $15 for students.  Please let us know if you will be attending.

  24 Responses to “2010/10/09 – The Dark Night”

  1. i will be attending “the dark night” lecture!
    see you then.

  2. Pati and I are looking forward to hearing you very much! 🙂


  3. Thanks I will be attending!

  4. A guest and I will be attending. Looking forward to it.

  5. I’m a new member, looking forward to attending on Oct. 9.

  6. Yes. Thanks. I look forward to the meeting on Oct. 9. Lyn

  7. Jim and I will attend the talk.

  8. I will be attending. Look forward to the lecture.

  9. I am a non-member and was ref’d by a member and I will be attending

    • Mary, So glad you attended last night and thanks for replying. Any comments on the event would be gratefully received. Regards, Nicole R. Watts.

  10. I plan to attend “The Tarot and Individuation” November 13, 2010 from 5 – 7 PM.

  11. I will be attending “The Tarot and Individuation” on November 13th.

    See you there.

  12. Hey, Nicole. Thanks for the e-flyer. Both Greg Smith and I look forward to the meeting on Nov 13. (I would think the 13th a fitting date for discussion of the Tarot, yes?) Lyn

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