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“Transformational Fires of the Ascending Feminine”

with Sharon Martin, PhD

Saturday, June 11 , 2016

5 pm—7 pm

Gage Hall, 4 Archdale Street, Charleston, SC 29401

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The archetypal feminine, long repressed, marginalized, silenced and threatened with annihilation, is ascending. Though the masculine principle has been dominant throughout Western history in both men and women, a new reality is emanant. It is a worldview which recognizes that a new, expansive integration of consciousness must occur for the survival of the human species. Such radical changes come amidst a conflagration of intense passion and suffering.

The trauma of being attacked, degraded, controlled and devalued evokes shadowy emotions such as rage, anger and hatred, which are the natural response to trauma. Consciously attending and containing these fiery affects is essential to their transformation. This is exceedingly difficult work, but we must learn to experience and understand their transformative power or we are doomed to possession and imprisonment by them. In this lecture we will honor, explore and discuss these painful feelings as well as the seeds of hope they contain for a new world consciousness, both within and without.

sharon-martin-2016Sharon Martin was born and grew up in the Deep South. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degree at Emory University in the Psychosocial Nurse Practitioner program, obtaining advanced certification as Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. his program introduced her to the exciting work of C. G. Jung. Her fascination with his deeply spiritual and scientific approach lead to her enrollment as a training candidate at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, where she received her diploma in Analytical Psychology in 2005. She began her private practice in Atlanta in 1999 and has recently relocated to the low country of Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to her analytic practice, Sharon lectures and gives workshops on Jungian theory.


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