APRIL 13, 2019 -Diana Deaver-A Return to Joy

finding joy through nurturing your inner child

A Return to Joy– Rekindling Our Inner Exuberance Through Nurturing of the Inner Child

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Saturday, April 13th•  5:00 ~ 7:00 pm
Location: Gage Hall, 4 Archdale St., Charleston, SC 29401
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Based on Carl Jung’s groundbreaking work on archetypes and individuation, our April lecture is an invitation to rediscover the childlike qualities of playfulness, joy and creativity dormant inside of each of us.
In her talk Diana Deaver will address the important choice of active and mindful development of self parenting skills. Learning to acknowledge, connect with, protect and nurture the parts of us that are most sensitive, pure and at times needy, we organically increase the energy, enthusiasm and hopefulness that we can easily observe in children. When we parent ourselves with compassion and healthy boundaries we empower ourselves to create a life filled with freedom and spontaneity.


Diana Deaver Emotional Health Lifecoach and Visual ArtistDiana Deaver is an emotional health coach and visual artist living in Charleston SC.  Her formative years in Romania (a developing country in South Eastern Europe) offer her both a deep and unique connection to elements of nature and an intimate personal introduction to Roman and Greek mythology. She is a lifelong student of both theoretical and experiential psycho-analytical modalities. As an emotional healing coach, Diana’s therapeutic process helps clients reclaim and reintegrate the childlike parts of Psyche that we are so often taught to reject and hide.

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