MARCH 10, 2018- “Jung and Surrealism”, Richard (Duke) Hagerty

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Saturday, March 10th•  5:00 ~ 7:00 pm
Location: Gage Hall, 4 Archdale St., Charleston, SC 29401
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The progression of life in the universe is dependent on the passing of information over time. The information is coded in mathematical patterns which are eventually revealed to us as we come to understand our surroundings through experience and our narratives. Hagerty’s talk explores how this information is passed on a fundamental level, starting with Jung and the collective unconscious and on to biological systems and Chaos Theory. 

Bull (Self Portrait) 2007 / Oil on Canvas / 48 x 48″

Hagerty will share a glimpse of his personal journey and  how Jung and dream analysis profoundly affected his life,  as a painter in particular but also and as a man in general. He will shine a light on the process through which biological systems, through DNA,  can encode the collective unconscious. Additional topics and questions that will be discussed in his talk are: chaos, quantum, relativity, meditation, and lucid dreaming. Is the structure of the world directed or undirected? Is there consciousness or just intelligence? 
richard duke haggerty
Richard Hagerty was born in 1950 in Durham, NC, at Duke University Hospital, the place for which he is nicknamed “Duke.” He was raised in Charleston and studied at Porter-Gaud School. Hagerty’s first serious exposure to art came in his youth, when he attended the salons of the museum and education pioneer, Laura Bragg, in her Charleston home. Bragg introduced Hagerty to the work of the famous Flemish artist, Hieronymous Bosch, and the self-taught genius, Henri Rousseau, whom he deeply admired. While painting creative visions in the night hours, he and Barbara have raised a family of four children and now have one granddaughter. Hagerty has also been the focus of numerous solo and group exhibitions at such museums as The Gibbes, Albany, Burroughs-Chapin, and Bascom, and in numerous galleries in Charleston, Atlanta, New York City, Nantucket and elsewhere.
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Cepheus 2006 / Oil on Canvas / 22 x 28″

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