May 13 ~ Anima: The Archetype of Life Itself

Sharon Martin, PhD

Our CJS Season Finale!

Join us at Gage Hall ~ 5 – 7 pm for a great presenter, refreshment and CEUs!

Dr. Carl Jung calls the anima “the very soul of man,” “an extremely dramatic content of the unconscious,” and “the archetype of life itself.” She is man’s other personality. Individuation, or becoming the person you really are, depends upon getting into a living, respectful relationship with this internal other. This is also of course the foundation for all meaningful relationships in the external world.

Drawing on the work of Carl Jung, Emma Jung, Marie Louise von Franz, Anthony Stevens and others, as well as myth, story and case material, we will explore Jung’s concept of anima development. It is immense, it is elusive, it is slippery, and it disappears from sight as quickly as we glimpse it.   But if we are to become who we are, and if we are to give our gifts to the world, it is essential that we consciously confront this obscure and difficult complex. Now, more than ever, we are in dire need of awakening to Her rightful place within us.






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